Sign Designs

We have a variety of predesigned templates that you can choose from for your wooden sign. When signing up for a workshop or placing your order please refer to the corresponding number on the design.

To view previous workshop signs please take a look through our Love. Create. Paint. Facebook page.

We have three different board sizes:
12″x12″ – $45
15″x15″ – $65
11″x24″ – $65
Each board size is determined by the design for best proportion. When placing an order please refer to the ‘Design #’

All square options are available in small (12″x12″ – $45) or large (15″x15″ – $65). Please specify if you would like small or large when ordering.

Stain Choices are:
1. Dark Brown  2.  Medium Brown  3. Walnut  4. Pine  5. White Oak  6. Light Grey  7. Dark Grey